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Welcome to Qualitig, based in Coventry, we supply a reliable service specialising in aluminium welding, repair and fabrication. We offer a wide range of welding and repair solutions to the classic motorcycle industry. All our work is completed to a high standard and completed to our customer deadlines. We take pride in providing a first class service regardless of the size or type of work undertaken, and we guarantee you wonít be disappointed.

Our services include classic motorcycle part repairs, one offs as well as batch work. We have gained a fantastic reputation for the repair of Classic motorcycle parts, including the re≠growing of Cylinder head fins.

We are also recognised for supplying the highest quality of Aluminium TIG welding. TIG welding (Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW)) is a commonly used high quality welding process. TIG welding has become a popular choice of welding processes when high quality, precision welding is required.

You can view some examples of our work through our gallery page and If you do not happen to see what you are looking for please feel free to contact us to discuss your individual needs.

" Hi Nige,

The surprise with the repair work for me was that you were able to re- grow (for want of a better word) the cooling fins from the broken edge to give the finished product a clean just as manufactured finish as originally made, now this might seem strange to you but nearly every cylinder head like the ones you repaired I've seen restored have had a piece of ally sheet welded on to the cooling fin edge with a noticeable weld seem at the joint!

Thatís why I was over the moon with the job you did on mine. Your repairs means I can clean the heads up and have them bead or soda blasted which will make the repairs to the head invisible and looking as good as new on the refurbished engines (no bit shiner than the rest), which I think is really what everyone wants on a restoration and a good selling point for the work you are doing at a cost that is an awful lot cheaper than trying to source a new old stock item, thatís of course if you can find them.

It might also be of advantage to provide along with any photographs on display, customer contact info for reference provided of course their happy for you to do so, I certainly have no problem as a very happy customer to support your endeavour.

Happy New Year and all the best - Mike "

" Hi Nige,

YGot the barrels today thanks, they look great to me. I did not do any cleaning before as I thought it would be better to bead blast them once only when the repairs were done so will have a go at cleaning them up this week. It looks to me that you'll never know it was broken once completed. A big thanks from me!
Best regards


" Hi Nige,

You've done a fantastic job! And to say I'm pleased is an understatement. I'm delighted its just as I hoped it would be and much better. I now need to settle up payment for all your excellent hard work. Can you please advise me of the total amount I'm in your debt, and how you would prefer payment?

Once more many thanks and kind regards :-) Mike"